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About Ahasa

Ahasa is a cloud-based platform that allows you to integrate and operate containerized applications using Kubernetes.

Ahasa revolutionizes the way technology solutions are discovered, integrated, deployed and managed under one single platform and simplifies software concept to production and smoothly interconnects compatible APIs for delivering end-to-end orchestration.

About Ahasa

Key Elements


A Low Code / No Code based easy to use drag and drop canvas to orchestrate solutions allowing both technical and non-technical stakeholders to engage.


Seamless CI/CD pipeline for faster delivery of solutions that supports both cloud and on-premises infrastructures.


Discover artifacts easily to orchestrate end-to-end solutions that would cater business requirements

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All artifacts listed under Ahasa will include comprehensive documentation that will help the customers to understand the use and value of each of those artifacts if added to a business solution. This will be available for both Wavenet and multi-vendor artifacts, all external vendors who wish to list their artifacts on Ahasa will have to submit the artifact documentation and get it verified prior to listing it on the portal.

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