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What is ahasa?

ahasa is a Cloud-based platform that allows CSPs and enterprises to integrate and operate containerised applications using Kubernetes.


ahasa is a value addition to Cloud platforms, and it sits on top of Cloud platforms to provide seamless Kubernetes-based solution orchestration, integration and deployment capabilities. Enterprises are served up, speed-to-market and reduced cost of operations through advanced integrations to multi-Cloud and multi-product solutions.” “Organizational leaders can witness their businesses grow in no time served with speed-to-market and reduced cost of operations by using ahasa as a value addition, which sits on top of Cloud platforms to provide seamless Kubernetes-based solution orchestration, integration and deployment capabilities.


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Make Kubernetes deployments simple and easy!

We know it’s a big buzzword- ‘Kubernetes deployments’, but wonder how it actually works?

With ahasa’s advanced parameter configurator, you can integrate all your Kubernetes services/applications and then deploy a single Kubernetes cluster in a Cloud environment of choice.

Design Studio – Multi Product Integration – Low-Code

Do you love spending days, weeks or months trying to conduct simple integrations between just two products? We are sure you don’t!

Public Cloud

Tired of building your products and then having to access your Public Cloud account to create the required infrastructure space, and then again connecting the product to deploy? Why not just do all that on just one single platform? Deploy your solution in your preferred Public Cloud infrastructure without having to connect to your Public Cloud account separately.

Private Cloud

On-premise deployments have always been a pain point when it comes to deploying solutions.

Don’t worry, we got you covered. There’s no need for you to do that through a different tool. Deploy your solution on your On-premise VMware infrastructure through ahasa itself.

Public and Personal Product Repository

ahasa provides accessibility to a Public container-based product repository that allows you to design solutions and have the availability to maintain your own personal container-based product repository in order to try out and deploy your own products in Kubernetes clusters.

Use your Helm chart repository as well to onboard and use your container-based products in your personal product repository.

Kubernetes & CI/CD

Love containerisation technology? Yeah, we love it too, Kubernetes is our best friend.

We love to providing you the ability to design multi-product solutions that are extensible, portable, and scalable.

With the mix of Kubernetes and our advanced CI/CD pipelines, we provide you all this with just a few clicks of a button.

Monitoring Deployments

We understand the importance of monitoring deployed solutions in order to have a clear view of how your Kubernetes clusters are operating.

ahasa offers this capability by simply accessing all your deployed clusters along with their usage and all other cluster infrastructure-level statistics for better decision making.

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